This is AlmaSoleil – What we do & How we do it

Alma Soleil

This is AlmaSoleil.


AlmaSoleil offers Cover Ups that are beachy, cool, and simultaneously sophisticated. We produce limited editions from up-cycled Designer, sourced in the USA, fabrics.  They will not be seen en masse and likely not to be offered again. The limited editions are our effort to produce products with a conscience. If you like something snap it up before it is gone.


Our Cover ups, Kaftans, and Tunics are responsibly made in Los Angeles.  Our vetted suppliers are operating within the guidelines of the Garment Manufacturing Industry. These guidelines are set by the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Standards & Labor Enforcement for the State of California. It’s serious business and we take pride in doing our part to work with suppliers who take care of their work force.  Proud to be “Made in Los Angeles” and Made in USA. We are keeping it local.

Now, let’s get to the beach!

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