Spring! It’s here.

Essential Tunic & Hoodie Cover up


SPRING is here!  And next is Summer.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  We are so thankful that March 20th is upon us.  We relish the longer days and the sun shining with regularity (as we are best suited for!).

The long, dark days of Winter are practically behind us.  I say practically because, on this first day of Spring, we are expecting rain for 3 days!  While this state of CA needs a good soaking, we really don’t need it interfering with the start of Spring.  Or interfering and creating mudslides with all the recently scorched land from all the wildfires.

Well, one sure way to advance a slow start to Spring is to get in a dose of sun somewhere.  Plan that trip.  Find the perfect resort.  Get to that amazing beach.  And remember…take us with you.  Our cover ups, kaftans, tunics, travel well (think: roll-up small) and they are sure to love where you take them.

Share your pics on #soulxsun – we want to be on vacation 24/7.

Have fun!

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