New Normal – Face Masks

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Looking back on January 1, 2020 from here, all things were set to “GO” for the new year.  The new year brought, in it’s usual fashion, hope, newness, inspiration, a chance for that “fresh start”.  Then, the big “body-slam” happened.  The Corona Virus.

2020’s destiny became altered, but not in an all-at-once-flash.  It was a slow awakening to a new normal.  In an immediate sense, we are adjusting and going with the flow. We now offer face masks/face coverings to help you be out in the world  cognizant of your breath and keeping your vapors to yourself.  We’ve learned wearing masks is a new way of being respectful toward others, promoting health, and helping to avoid the spread of the disease.   We are down with that.  We got this.

The start of 2020 may have been body-slammed to the ground, but as we look-out toward the latter half of the year, there is so much hope and so much to move on to.   All the things we have learned in our quarantined days will find us better citizens of the world with new ways to keep in touch, new ways to go about our days, new ways to work, and new-found creativity to continue to explore.  We feel nothing but sadness for those who have lost loved ones, but we also feel so much hope reemerging on the other side for everyone.  The back half of the year has it’s chance for greatness in ways that did not exist at the start and we hope everyone can see that and embrace it for what it means for each of us.

We are wishing you the best during this time and hope you stay healthy.

Nothing but love here.



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