Summer Time – Resortwear Season

summer time resortwear destination Waikiki Beach

You just know it when that last bit of cold air just blows out of town. It’s like, FINALLY!  Thank G. Winter is over. Not sure what happened with Spring this year, but it was chilly for too long. Time to bust-out the resortwear.

In So Cal we are lucky that it is a pretty temperate climate year-round BUT, we can be a little spoiled.  A string of “cold” months pile-up and we are still in our “parkas” (and flip-flops) until June.  This year by the time “Winter” left it was June 30th. I think it was literally July 1st  when Summer finally arrived and May Gray and June Gloom were outta here. But those string of cold months felt like one loooong January.  Like January 181st (forget all the months in between then and now).  I know. You’re rolling your eyes.

Anyway, don’t you just find yourself a little happier when the sun is out?  When the mornings and evenings are warmer? When you make plans to spend the entire day outside, hiking, biking, lingering over a glass of wine with your besties as the sun goes down? Yes, it does wonders to the soul and we are happy now.

These coverups we designed are for these days of Summer. For lounging, for lingering, for traveling to those sunny places where the days are long and where the good times quietly become etched in our minds for some future date to recall back just when we need a lift. So do your best to take advantage of this time, reach out to your friends, your family, create your best Summer. Explore. Take the trip. Find that perfect beach, that spot at the lake, the stream in the mountains. Whatever your calling.  Get there – and don’t forget your swimsuit and cover up.  Share with us and tag your pics on Instagram #soulxsun.  See you there.


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