Limited-Time Offer Meet @wheretopeanut

limited-time offer @wheretopeanut

AlmaSoleil has partnered with Instagram darling and travel blogger Nicole Elgin @wheretopeanut.  We are very excited about our collaboration.   We love @wheretopeanut’s take on life.

On Instagram she wrote,  “…the greatest gift I ever received was the kiss of the sun on the days when I couldn’t remember how to make my own light”.  How perfectly fitting. We couldn’t agree more.  Acknowledge the simple gifts in the every day and especially enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D that can positively stir your soul.

We encourage you to get over to her Instagram account right away to take advantage of a limited-time offer to win $250 in AlmaSoleil cover ups.  What better way to plan your next beach vacation than to have fresh new cover ups? Also, be sure to read Nicole’s blog for travel ideas and inspiration.  She also has some great packing tips too, you’ll love.

So, what’s on the docket? Surf trip? Resort get-a-way? Sailing in the Caribbean?

What cover ups would you choose if you won?  Good luck!


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